Non-stop clockwork heart!

* Information is based on time zones given in the #timezones channel on the server. Some clocks may be inaccurate due to various circumstances, such as daylight savings, moving, traveling, etc.

GMT -8 time (based on PST)

Applies to: Ribs, Al, Heather

GMT -7 time (based on MST)

Applies to: Nahi, Dusk, Tiff, Razz, Jas, Miki, Clam, Nep

GMT -6 time (based on CST)

Applies to: Julia

GMT -5 time (based on ACT)

Applies to: Mal, Link, Kod, Cake, Aki, Lazu, Celi, Rachel, Panda

GMT -4 time (based on AMT)

Applies to: Elena, Shinju, Leon, Nana, Misty, Suki

GMT time

Applies to: Reni, Aziza, Kay, Jas

GMT summer edition time (based on BST)

Applies to: Ren, Kyuu

GMT +2 time (based on CAT)

Applies to: Hana, Lilia, Sarah, Anna

GMT +3 time (based on EEST)

Applies to: Sofie

GMT +4 time (based on AMT)

Applies to: Ai

GMT +6 time (based on OMST)

Applies to: Boris

GMT +7 time (based on CXT)

Applies to: Donut, Haru, Jay, Fura, Rei

GMT +8 time (based on SGT)

Applies to: Sonya, Joanne, Poly, Nanami, Juniper, Shadow, Bubs, Ares, Kairos, Ash, Angie, Mori, Su, Cee, Mika, Maena, Maj, Suika, Kes, Vash, Hsaaaa, Qwerty, Betel, Rau, Misu, Nari, Miiru

GMT +9 time (based on EIT)

Applies to: Sia

GMT +10 time (based on AEST)

Applies to: Kai, May, Olivia